The Blue Tent Sky *PAPERBACK*


I wrote this memoir in 2014 after spending nearly three years reflecting on the impact New Jersey’s draconian gun laws had on my life and how I faced that assault on my liberty. This memoir details how I turned down nearly a dozen plea deals and took to national television in the pursuit of justice and how that tragically resulted in having the State come after me with everything they had. They used my indictment to take my son from me. They refused to let the jury know what the laws were that protected my right to transport my legally owned firearms. They denied me the most basic civil liberties which are guaranteed to American’s at birth. I spent four months of a seven year prison sentence behind bars. This memoir tells the story up until 2014, before Governor Christie issued a full and complete pardon before leaving office in January 2018.

These paperbacks are printed on high quality paper with a slick matte finish cover.

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