Digital media consultancy for advertisers and publishers.

About Aitken Media Syndicate

I focus on business outcomes, not clicks.

Before founding Aitken Media I helped oversee billions of dollars in advertising budgets for companies like E*Trade, 20th Century FOX, The Hershey Company and Quest Diagnostics. Before that, I helped generate revenue for traditional publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe and The Washington Post.

I have taken the knowledge obtained from more than a decade advising the world’s largest and most trusted brands and publications to create Aitken Media.

Aitken Media helps advertisers and publishers understand how to earn the greatest return on investment possible from their advertising technology stack. We are not in the business of creative or messaging but, rather, we are in the business of outcomes. We are interested in helping companies use advertising technology, predictive analytics, and rigorous optimizations to achieve the greatest financial outcome possible for their organization.

For advertisers, we use data and digital media to increase awareness, build loyalty and drive sales. Services include Media Strategy, Predictive Analytics, AdFraud Strategy and processes to bring digital media buying in-house.

For publishers, even those without a significant digital presence, we help digitize and monetize their publication through audience development and the implementation of multiple digital revenue streams.