Targeted Media Consulting, Strategy and Buying.

I help brands use data and digital media to increase awareness, build loyalty and drive sales.

Aitken Media

Marketing Advisory Services

Media Strategy & Analytics

I can help you determine the size of your target audience in different geographies, what your optimal media mix model would be, the budget you’d need to effectively reach your target audience and even forecast what your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) might be.

Combating AdFraud

More humans. Less bots. It’s estimated that ad-fraud cost advertisers $44 billion in 2019 through bots, fake sites and fraudulent traffic. I can help you set up the tools and media buying process to combat ad-fraud and put more of your ad budget to work.

In-housing Media Buying

If done right, in-housing media buying can allow for greater quality control, lower overall costs, and a more agile response to capitalize on media opportunities. From AdTech vendor selection, hiring plans and migration strategies I can help you bring these capabilities in-house.

Media Buying Capabilities

Paid Social Media

From Facebook to LinkedIn, the average user spends 2 hours and 33 minutes on social media a day.

Search Engine Marketing

Get to the top of a Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with Search Engine Marketing.

Display, Native + Video

Reach your core audience efficiently with programmatically targeted advertising on premium digital publications.

Radio + Podcasts

Take a targeted digital approach to audio advertising with digital radio, Spotify, Pandora and Podcasts.

Connected TV + OTT

The era of targeted TV advertising is finally here and, thanks to Smart TV's, it's more accessible than you think.


In 2019 mobile device usage exceeded that of desktop and tablet usage, combined. Mobile advertising is more than just tactics, it's a strategy.

Play Hard.
Work Harder.

I created AITKEN MEDIA to level the playing field for startups and smaller companies by providing them with access to the same strategic services, technology and premium media inventory that’s historically been reserved for brands spending tens of millions of dollars on advertising. 

I’ve helped manage billions of dollars in advertising budgets on behalf of global brands like 20th Century FOX, E*Trade, The Hershey Company, and Quest Diagnostics.

My day job leading paid media and analytics for one of the countries largest privately held regional marketing agencies means I can only accept a handful of clients. But, if you’re one of them, you’ll have access to the same knowledge and resources as the big guys. 

Never too busy for a client.

Brian Aitken