I just saw a 61% increase in conversions using Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting

I just saw a 61% increase in conversions using Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting

I’ve been managing a campaign where one of the KPI’s (Mashable: What is a Key Performance Indicator) is capturing email addresses for a free subscription to a digital magazine. Over the past few months, I’ve been pushing my vendors to give me access to beta products so I can experiment with new tools before they hit the masses and Outbrain was cool enough to let me test out their new(ish) Vertical Targeting product. I experimented to see if their claim of heightened targeting would help me increase email registrations. It did. In a huge way.

What follows is a very unscientific overview of my experiment. I can’t tell you how much I spent, what my CPC’s were, who the client was, or any of those fun details but I can tell you I was really happy with the outcome. So was my client.

My experiment with Vertical Targeting.

I’d been running a campaign with Outbrain targeting high income business decision makers for a long time before testing out Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting product. Performance (clicks and presence on top tier publishers like Mashable, CNN Money, and FOX Business) was solid. We were getting traffic to the website, which was the primary KPI of the campaign, but wanted to get more visitors to sign up for the free email subscription.

I added Vertical Targeting to the campaign for two weeks as a supplemental buy. In layman’s terms: I didn’t reduce the amount of money I was spending on the standard Outbrain product but I added budget so I could supplement the existing campaign with this experiment.

Over the course of those two weeks, I saw a 61% increase in email registrations coming from Outbrains native content recommendation widget compared to the conversions I had been seeing from only using Outbrain’s standard product.

What is Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting?

Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting is similar in concept to Taboola’s White Listing product, where they only display the content on top-tier vertically selected publishers. For example, if I select the Business & Finance vertical my content will only display on publishers websites like VentureBeat, Fortune, Money, and The Street. Other verticals include Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Health, Parenting, Entertainment, and Travel. They also have verticals built out for demographics like Male, Female, Millennial, and Affluent individuals.

Outbrain Vertical Targeting

How much does Outbrain’s Vertical Targeting cost?

If you can get it (more on that in a moment) the minimum buy is $5,000 with a minimum CPC of $1.00. I expect this to change in the future, but this is what they’re running with right now. It’s more if you enable their KPI based retargeting (about 10-20% more per click).

Why can’t I find Vertical Targeting in the Outbrain dashboard?

Right now, Vertical Targeting is an agency only offering meaning the average user doesn’t have access to it through the dashboard and you have to activate it through a dedicated account rep. Based on the performance so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled it out to all users sometime later this year.

Executive Summary: 140 words or less.

It’s worth taking a more scientific approach to this case study, but the initial results were fantastic. Keep in mind that this was a supplemental buy, so we added funds to the existing budget and would have seen an increase in conversions even without the Vertical Targeting. But the increase would have only been a small fraction compared to the actual results. Definitely a tool to keep in your back pocket if you’re lucky enough to have access to it.



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