“A chilling exposé of the legal system gone berserk.”

– American Rifleman


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In 2010 I was sentenced to seven years in prison for possessing firearms I legally owned. I lost everything, including custody of my son, for a crime I did not commit. Within moments, I went from a rising leader in the publishing world to being caged with pedophiles, rapists, and murderers. After spending four months behind bars, Governor Chris Christie demanded my release.

This is my story.

“Brian Aitken’s memoirs show the dark side of a liberal desire to make the world safer.”

“A solid, clearly written memoir that will make readers more thoughtful about gun legislation.”

“A riveting and intimate perspective from the 50-yard line of Aitken’s courtroom drama.”

“A harrowing tale of being thrown in jail when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.”

“A riveting and outrageous read, yet leavened with hope.”

“Aitken recounts his nightmare experience with New Jersey anti-gun laws and jurists in his new memoir.”



“This is an outstanding book. I like the movie “An Innocent Man” but this is not fiction. The author was railroaded by the state of New Jersey into prison for the “crime” of transporting his own property in his car when moving from one residence to another. We have recently had a somewhat similar case of a young woman named Shaneen Allen who was transporting her legally owned gun in her car under the impression that her Pennsylvania permit would be honored by New Jersey. She was wrong and has been threatened with the same fate that Mr Aitken suffered. New Jersey seems determined to inflict its lawless obsession with guns on any innocent person who mistakenly ventures into the state. This book might help to warn anyone who might be tempted to enter the state of New Jersey. I certainly would not. The story is riveting and I read it in an evening.”

– Michael T. Kennedy

“The sentencing judge wanted to make an example of Brian, to warn others how New Jersey would deal with gun owners. With this book, Brian surely has shown that judge there can be no better example to show how very restrictive and punitive gun laws punish the wrong guys. This is a very well written book, and I couldn’t put it down once I started it. Brian not only can write, he writes really well.”

– Carlos C. Tapang

“This is a great book. I read it in two days and could not put it down. I loved his forward in which Brian accurately states that the best defense to libel is to tell the truth. Which he does and names the culprits in his persecution. But the fact is that Brian was victimized not only by the unconstitutional laws in NJ regarding guns but also the unfair laws that afflict fathers trying to have a relationship with their sons and daughters in unamicable divorces. In fact, that injustice goes on even now. I also experienced the unjust and unfair application of the law in my own divorce as a father to the detriment of me and my children. I hope that Brian’s next book deals with this. On the day that Brian was confronted by the police, he was upset that his ex obstructed once again his RIGHT to see his son. If he had called the police to get his right to see his son sustained, they would have laughed at him. In the meantime, his right to have a relationship with his son (not to mention his son’s right to see his father) continues to be obstructed by his ex with the support of the State of NJ despite multiple professionals that declared Brian a fit and fine person.

Brian: Fight these bastards. For your son’s sake. He needs you more each and every day. God bless you, Jenna and Logan. Your ex can go to hell. Along with the Family curt judge and her lawyer.”

– John Melilli

“Excellently written! Hard to put down! I read it in two sittings.

A true story of an innocent man arrested, tried and convicted of a crime he never committed. His story clearly illustrates the lunacy of ineffective gun laws. It also shows how crooked prosecutors and judges continue to operate unchecked in modern day society.”

– Mike

“I read the book in two sittings. Even though I read it quickly it was a tough book to read; not because the narrative was poorly constructed but because the lack of morals by two people could so negatively affect one person so thoroughly. The book is infuriating, sad, and downright terrifying because it shows that any one of us can be sentenced to jail if people in power are incompetent or want to use you for an agenda. While the story leaves you fighting with your emotions it redeems itself because it still gives you hope since Brian has and is fighting to right the wrongs to get back into his son’s life.

The only reason I gave this book four stars is some of the explanations of things such as prison habits/rules etc aren’t explained when it first appears, but later on after you’ve already wondered what they meant.”

– ubs4125

“If you live in America you need to read this book. If you live in NJ you REALLY need to read this book. Brian Aitken is a guy that did everything right and was still taken for a ride on the bureaocracy and unconstitutional actions of a whole host of NJ officials in power. His saga is unbelieveable if you’re not from NJ. Liberal laws with a miriad of meanings, wide ranging applications carrying mandatory minimum sentences will have you seathing with anger. This is happening today in NJ. In America.”

– WishinUK

“Fantastic read, couldn’t put book down once I started.”

– Nathan R. Jessup

“I loved this book it was so inspiring and also infuriating. It shows how the state not only oppresses the innocent, but the innocent who have much to offer society. When the innocent producers and innovators of the world are punished, the world around them suffers. It is not until we as citizens stand up and demand accountability that we will see change. We need to spread books like this far and wide. You are not exempt from police and court corruption just because you are a regular person, or a good person. This is just one example of thousands upon thousands of injustices committed against Americans by our police and court systems. It is to a point where a person could commit prison worthy felonies on a daily basis without even realizing it. It is a dangerous dangerous time when citizens of a country become enemies of the state. Brian’s actions, and others who stood against unjust laws are the hope we have at stopping the oppression running rampant in our nation. This book shows the highest respect for law, by exposing those who usurp just law and violate our autonomy and dignity as human beings with their flagrant abuse of power.”

– Kathryn

“This book is Tremendous. It provides a clear understanding of the anti-gun sentiment that pervades our legal system. It shows how the law can be twisted by a Judge and prosecutor with an agenda. It also warns Law-Abiding citizens that they should be extremely careful when legally transporting their legally owned weapons in New Jersey. The book draws attention to several additional issues that are difficult to expound on in this review; child custody by fathers, and conditions in our county and state prisons. In addition to all of the circumstances surrounding Brian’s case, it was comforting to see that some many people came to his assistance from radio personality Dennis Malloy on NJ101.5, Evan Nappen, New Jersey’s premier 2nd Amendment rights lawyer, Wayne LaPiere, NRA and of course Gov. Chris Christie who knew that there was an injustice committed and he did what was right.

I hesitate to say anymore without repeating myself, but this book is worth the read, not only for Sportsmen and women around the state, but for every citizen who values their freedom and the fine line of the law that can take it from you in an instant. Best wishes to Brian and God Bless.”

– John Custodio